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Five Clusters of excellence


Structuring and consolidating collaboration between the two academic and university communities
Career opportunities
An international consortium dedicated to drug addiction
Aleksandar Karajic, PhD student in physical chemistry
first summer school of neuroepidemiology
Understanding the opportunities allowed through interactions between IdEx Bordeaux-Clusters
Archology : 3D-printed bones
8 international summer schools in 2015
Bordeaux - Euskampus Symposium
Symposium Bordeaux-Euskampus - November 19th, 20th 2014
Recruiting talents
Hierarchical assembled Organic Materials for ElectRonICs - Fall School
ViSiDiA: a journey to the heart of the algorithms
Cluster AMADEus : focus on the materials chemistry
CONNECTOMICS : the wiring diagram of the human brain
The optical industry - photonics - Lasers in pictures
Call for projects launched !
HEADS programm, based on Health problems and policie, is launched
COCADDICT : an original consortium on translational study of cocaine addiction-related brain network reorganization
Interview with the R&D director - Immersion
Visit the website of the EquipEx : OptoPath
Focus on the summer schools
Mission Litaq : an inter-LabEx project
LabEx LaScArBx : Back on the first two years
The International NutriBrain Summer School
Cluster LaScArBx organizes small scientific lunches
The CPU Cluster launches a call for applications
BRAIN cluster launches a call for applications
International Conferences & summer school
TRAIL cluster: Vincent Dousset, director of TRAIL cluster explain its project
welcome to FOLKS 2014
Junior Chairs, Visiting professors and Postdoctoral positions are now open.
Clusters Call for applications
Cluster AMADEus is recruiting for its Junior Chair
Several conferences and seminars are organized by Cluster of the University of Bordeaux
General meeting of the Clusters
3 Post-doctoral positions are available on Lasers & Photonics
Cluster LaScArBx : St-Martin de Bruch 's archaeological site
Modelisation and Numerical Methods for Hot Plasmas
LaScArBx Cluster : PACEA laboratory Junior Chairs - Call for applications
The University of Bordeaux is hosting Boquse 2013
COTE research call
Metamaterials 2013
Summer schools organized by Bordeaux University
French Academy of Science meeting in Bordeaux
Official kick off of the IdEx Bordeaux program
LabEx COTE: Scientific seminar
BRAIN LabEx facilitate to all Neuroscience Research Federation the access to main common services and platforms
LabEx BRAIN program for sabbaticals
Presentation of OSQUAR program : Oyster farming and quality - Dynamic Approach of Arcachon Bay
Seminary "Winegrowing and Climate Change: building shared knowledge