Post-doctoral position: Synthesis of colloidal metamaterials for ultrasonic acoustics: anisotropic soft acoustic metamaterials

 Postdoc ONRRef. - 2018 Postdoc position in physical chemistry07/05/2018

Research project

Metamaterials constitute an emerging class of artificial materials, structured at the mesoscopic scale and which present extraordinary properties in terms of the propagation of (acoustic or electromagnetic) waves. Expected potential applications are numerous: negative refraction, which could give access to planar lens (without aberrations) [1], sub-wavelength resolution, acoustic or electromagnetic cloaking effects etc… [2]. We recently proposed and formulated a new material constituted of porous polymer beads, which, once dispersed into an aqueous phase, give birth to negative values of the acoustic index [3]. The identified porous systems, realized using emulsion templating methods developed in our lab [4], appear to be excellent candidates for the fabrication of various acoustic devices when used, for example, as basic elements in materials exhibiting highly anisotropic behavior. The aim of this project is thus the synthesis and formulation of highly anisotropic materials involving porous polymer materials. The project is funded by the US Office of Naval Research and is part of a collaboration involving both a theoretical part, which will be led by Daniel Torrent (University of Castellone) and an experimental acoustic part conducted by a team of acousticians located on the Bordeaux Campus in another laboratory (Institute of Mechanics & Engineering).

Scientific surrounding

The postdoc will integrate the dynamics created around the project on soft materials for acoustics that is now on since almost 10 years on the Bordeaux Campus (with fundings from various agencies like ANR, Labex AMADEUS, US Air Force and now US ONR). The postdoctoral fellow should be attracted by pluridisciplinary projects at the boundary between synthesis, formulation and acoustics. The project will be developed in the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal physical-chemistry lab (CRPP - UMR 5031, under the supervision of Prof Olivier Mondain-Monval. Close collaboration will also carry on with the CNRS-Solvay Laboratory of the Future (LOF) for microfluidics aspects and with the Institute of Mechanics of Engineering for acoustic measurements. Acoustic measurements will be performed as collaboration with another postdoctoral researcher localized at the Institute of Mechanics on the Bordeaux University Campus.

Research background

The candidate should be an experimentalist with a strong expertise in physical chemistry and, if possible in soft matter/complex fluids. The candidate should also be attracted by the pluridisciplinar aspect of our project. Specific knowledge of polymer materials synthesis and emulsion formulation is not compulsory but would be appreciated. Funding is for one year with a possible extension depending on the project advancement.

Fundings of the postdoc is ensured by the US Office of Naval Research.
Net salary depends on previous experience with a minimum of around 2050 € net/ month for a just graduated PhDs. The postdoc should start as soon as possible.


Candidate should postulate by sending their CV and letter to: Olivier Mondain-Monval, CRPP; ; Tel 33 (0)5 56 84 56 69

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Formulaire de candidature